We just had a new furnace installed. I can’t say enough nice things about T&W. The price was fair, the install was flawless. Wayne is honest and friendly. I am always happy when I can support a local, family-owned business. I would recommend T&W for all your HVAC needs.

Morgan Chavez

Mike was very knowledgeable and did a very thorough job servicing our furnace. The customer service that I received was very good and Wayne quoted me a very good price. I would recommend T & W to anyone!

Tricia M.

Colorado Springs, CO

They came out on a Sunday within 2 hours of my call the temperature outside was -4 my furnace was not working at all he was here for just over an hour and only charged me $150.

Grant W.

Colorado Springs, CO

He came out on a freezing Saturday morning. Let me know exactly what he was going to do and the charge for it even before he came over. He was efficient, and quick. Definitely giving him our future business!

Gwen D.

Colorado Springs, CO

Wayne was extremely helpful and agreed to replace my blower motor and control board for a very reasonable price. I would/will recommend this company to anyone in need of HVAC services.

Justin G.

Fountain, CO

Great people and work ethic. Showed up, did the job and cleaned up.

Scott N.

Colorado Springs, CO

I had my first fall day and needed heat. My bedrooms had nothing coming out of the registers. Wayne showed me a problem and why it stopped working. I took him up on a deal to put in an air conditioning unit that we wanted anyways, and he replaced the furnace for free. I am very happy.

Jennifer M.

Colorado Springs, CO

Omg! Found this company at last minute on Craigslist and they came out within 30 min. They were great and affordable. Thank you T&W Indoor Comfort. Our place is nice and warm now.

LaTisha W.

Colorado Springs, CO

Very professional

Ron S.

Colorado Springs, CO

Very reasonable

Christina A.

Colorado Springs, CO

I want to thank Wayne and Mike for coming out at late notice to come look at my furnace. Even though they didn't have the part, they went above and beyond to find the problem and let me know what to do. Thanks again for great service.

Gene L.

Wayne has fixed both my furnace and AC unit. Fast and efficient! He was there when he said he would be with proper tools. Great friendly service!

Sharon M.

Quick and efficient

Les C.

Colorado Springs, CO

T&W Indoor Comfort is a business that I would recommend if you are having issues with your heating unit. They were at my doorsteps before I knew it from the time that I called them. They did not have the part on hand but took the time to go and get it to ensure that my family would not be freezing tonight. They stayed around to ensure that the problem was fixed and did not just install the part and leave. With them sticking around to ensure that the problem was fixed showed me how much pride is put into their work. I can not thank them enough for what they did for my family. And to talk about reasonable prices!!!! For it to be a last minute call on the Friday before Christmas, the price was VERY REASONABLE!!!

Thank you so much T&W Indoor Comfort and have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

John Abalos

Came on a weekend and did a great job explaining what he was doing. The family loved him!

Elijah, H.

Fountain, CO

I would recommend T&W for all your HVAC needs!! On the first day of summer, my air conditioner decided to stop working. I called a company that I used to go with, but they were three weeks out! So I checked out recommendations on the Nextdoor social site, and a lot of people recommended T&W Indoor Comfort. Wayne, the owner, came over the same evening (it was four or five in the afternoon already when I called!). I have a 10 month old and it was really important that the air conditioner continue to work as she gets hot often. They diagnosed my compressor as pretty much dying, which I kind of figured because it was I think 20 years old. Anyway they did what they could to get this one to keep working for a little bit until we talk our landlady into getting a new compressor. The diagnosis and quick fix was very reasonable, and the quote for the compressor and for duct cleaning (also includes furnace servicing!) We're very reasonable as well. Wayne, the owner, is a very cool guy that still maintains excellent integrity and professionalism. I told him at about 11 a.m. today that the new AC seem to not be cooling as well as it did it first. He was over an hour later diagnosing and checking on what was going on. He is very local right in Fountain and since I am in Widefield this is very convenient. The men he employs are very nice and professional albeit young but it's really great to see them learning from him.


Wayne was great. He came out to my home and spent time figuring out what happened to my furnance. He fixed it and provided information on what happened to my furnance, the computer board went out and he fixed it. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a company that works at decent prices and has great customer service.

Mitchell Sessa

Wayne and his team are passionate and dedicated to their trade. They installed both a new furnace and air conditioner. They even ran new wire for a smart thermostat for me and installed that as well. It's one thing to have experienced HVAC people, but quite another to have experience AND passionate people. Wayne and his team did a great job!

Mike Decker

Thanks for your affordable superior service! I will recommend you to everyone

Trina Cobb

Colorado Springs, CO

Amazing. Best service i have had in a very long time. Offered to come out st midnight when my heater wasn't working

Natalie Galvin

T & W Indoor Comfort, LLC actually fixed our furnace when no one else was able to. I have passed his name to my friends and he has installed four new furnaces for them.

Liz R.

Repair or Service a Central Air Conditioning System
Wayne was very professional and did a good job.

Ron S. in Colorado Springs, CO

They have great customer service and the manager goes above and beyond. They're very inexpensive for all the work they do making sure everything is up to code. We got an AC and Furnace for a very good price! If you're looking to replace either one or both I definitely recommend this company! If you are military or veteran you receive a discount which is awesome because not a lot of companies offer that and when they do, they usually make you have to active duty!
We had other estimates done on our house wanting more than 12k. This company is very reasonable. They gave us choices and recommend the best ones to go with. They're a very trust worthy company. Definitely highly recommended!

Beth Wolf

Fountain, CO

They are an awesome company! Anytime I needed help setting something up they are always a phone call away and I get help! They are very customer friendly! The work they did for us was an awesome experience for us! I defiantly recommend them to anyone that is thinking bout replacing their AC or Furnace or both or a first time customer! They are very reasonable price for the hard work and quality work that is done!
We've had other companies come and give us an estimate on just doing the furnace and the price they would've over charged us. T&W Indoor Comfort out beats the competitors precises! Defiantly go with this company!

PJ Wolf

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